Please join us for a vendor-agnostic discussion about the future of the software development lifecycle. As software emerges from a process enabler into the primary source of competitive differentiation, leading organizations are taking great strides to reinvent the software development lifecycle. Across industries, the efficiency of the software supply chain will be the battleground for sustainable competitive advantages.

At this interactive one-day event, we’ll discuss how you and your colleagues from top companies are managing the transformation of the software development lifecycle. Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a real-time survey about the future of software. All attendees will receive a complimentary report of the survey results.

08:00 AM

Check-in and Breakfast

Get your badge, program, and other goodies.

09:00 AM

Keynote with Theresa Lanowitz

by Theresa Lanowitz, voke inc. 

Theresa Lanowitz, software industry expert and founder of voke, inc., will open our day with insights and market trends impacting the software development lifecycle. Theresa’s keynote will set the stage for the series of deep-dive panel discussions that follow the keynote. From multiple interviews conducted with SDLC Acceleration panel members, Theresa will frame the business challenges that organizations face—now and in the future. Theresa will unravel these topics in real-time with our panel participants and take questions from the floor.

09:45 AM

Game Changers: Best Practices for Development, Test, and Release

by Michael Steele, Splunk  , Chris Blackburn, Liatrio  , Gil Clark, Intuit  , Mike Lyles, AIG / United Guaranty  , Theresa Lanowitz, voke inc.  ,

Get insight about which disruptive technologies truly deliver on their promises and which fall short of expectations. Talk to panelists about their experiences implementing technologies that have been hyped up as the latest and greatest, while moderator Theresa Lanowitz explores the business value of specific technologies to get you beyond the marketing hype.

10:45 AM

SDLC Pulse Break: The Future of the “Business of Software”

by Wayne Ariola, Parasoft 

During the break, use your smart phone to participate in our interactive survey about the future of the SDLC. Submit your prognostications about the future of the “Business of Software” as well as weigh in on what you consider to be the hottest topics related to the software development lifecycle. Take advantage of this platform to introduce your specific concerns about the future into the general discussion . . .

11:00 AM

SDLC Accelerators Panel: Faster in What Direction?

by Burt Welsh, Cisco  , Charles Griffith, AwayForce Labs  , Christine Eliseev, QMAT Solutions  , Geoffrey Davis, Schwab  , Kevin Bedell, Zipcar  , Peter Coffee, Salesforce  ,

Are your colleagues accelerating a legacy model and mistaking it for progress? What are the fundamental changes needed to orchestrate APIs, yield fusion (not confusion) from new data feeds, and handle the massive workloads of a world of connected people, processes, and things? What's needed in the way of platforms, tool sets, disciplines, and competencies to build the apps that customers, institutions, and markets crave?

12:00 PM

Networking Lunch

Join Theresa and our panelists for lunch. This is a great opportunity to ask deeper, more detailed questions.

01:15 PM

Software and Supply Chain Assurance: A Resilience Perspective for SDLC Security Automation and Software Assurance

by Joe Jarzombek, Department of Homeland Security 

In this presentation, we'll discuss proactive mitigation processes to address the fact that 90% of security incidents result from exploitable, but preventable, defects in software design or code. These efforts are the result of years of collaborating with a growing community of practice to develop, evolve, and promote standardized languages and mitigations of software weaknesses. Standards, such as Common Weaknesses (CWE), Vulnerabilities (CVE), Attack Patterns (CAPEC), etc. enable organizations to securely exchange cyber threat information and mitigation strategies. These technical initiatives are the common, interoperable reporting formats necessary to create a true ecosystem for cybersecurity—serving as the standard “engine parts” of cybersecurity initiatives designed to fortify IT assets. Vendors have been integrating these resources into their automated SwA tools, enabling organizations to more easily and effectively improve their security posture.

02:00 PM

Down in the Trenches: Beat the Buzzword Bottlenecks

by David Intersimone, Embarcadero  , Paul Dhaliwal, 383 Media  , Andrew Binstock, Dr. Dobb’s  , Norman Buck, SQS  , Alan Zeichick, Camden Associates  ,

Talk is cheap. Buzzwords are a dime a dozen. And plans don’t always succeed. We all know that many efforts to increase SDLC efficiency, cut development costs, improve quality and align software with business goals often fail to live up to expectations. Embracing agile methodologies, going to DevOps or implementing continuous integration may not be sufficient to create a healthy, productive environment. Let’s roll up our sleeves and talk about developers, teams and organizations in the real world – and together, identify approaches that really make a long-term substantive difference.

03:00 PM

SDLC Pulse Break: What’s Really Slowing you Down?

by Wayne Ariola, Parasoft 

During the break, use your smart phone to participate in our interactive survey about the future of the SDLC. This time, we'll focus on what's really slowing you down: hurdles in the SDLC. Don’t be shy—it's completely anonymous.

03:15 PM

Removing Traffic Jams and Opening Express Lanes in Your SDLC

by Andy Wright, Skytap 

Modern development methodologies offer the promise of faster software delivery, higher quality, and better alignment with business users. However, there are inefficiencies in software development that cause defects and delay releases. These obstacles include scarcity of test environments, developers unable to reproduce defects and resolve them quickly, and test environments not equivalent to production. In this session, you will learn about how real development teams used SaaS-based dev/test environments to remove inefficiencies from the SDLC to release applications faster while improving software quality.

04:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Our day discussing the future of the SDLC will conclude with a guest speaker sharing his first-hand experience with pulling a team through the initial stages of transformation. Learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

04:30 PM

Happy Hour Debriefing

Enjoy refreshments with your peers, informally discuss your experience, and forge new business relationships.