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The SDLC Acceleration Summit is made possible with the help of the following sponsors:

Technology Sponsors

Electric Cloud automates and accelerates your software build, test, deploy, and release processes for faster time to market and improved quality. Learn more at www.electric-cloud.com

Parasoft integrates Development Testing, API/cloud/SOA/composite app testing, and service virtualization to help organizations deliver defect-free software efficiently. Learn more at www.parasoft.com

Perforce’s flexible enterprise version management technology increases productivity, improves software quality, and helps reduce the complexity of global environments. Learn more at perforce.com

Puppet Labs enables system administrators to deliver the operational agility and efficiency of cloud computing at enterprise-class service levels, scaling from handfuls of nodes on-premise to tens of thousands in the cloud. Learn more at puppetlabs.com

Skytap provides collaboration tools and self-service access to production-like environments, enabling development and test teams to test more frequently and build better software faster. Learn more at www.skytap.com

Media Sponsors

Better Software is the highly respected digital magazine for software professionals who care about quality. Published bimonthly, each issue provides relevant, timely information to help you build better software. Learn more at www.BetterSoftware.com

Software Development Times®, the flagship of BZ Media, is written for the development manager. Its coverage of what’s happening and what it means endures in print as the No. 1 publication in the software development market. Learn more at www.sdtimes.com